Gain Freedom from Divorce Pain


"Stepping Out of Chaos is spot on. Every time I picked it up, I found the perfect inspiration I needed. The pictures are soothing and the words meditative. I was able to not only reclaim my life, but get back a better one. You do have choices. This book can be your first really good one. "

Susan R.
(New York)

Guide Benefits

By practicing the Three Essentials you will be able to...

  • Feel a growing glimmer of possibility regarding your present and future.
  • Be calmer and happier now, in midst of the storm.
  • Be a more confident, competent, and effective human being and life partner to yourself.
  • Insure yourself against creating unnecessary hardship, pain and suffering for yourself and those around you now and in the future.
  • Understand how you can grow strength, wisdom, self-awareness, and self -understanding out of pain.

"I found “Stepping Out of Chaos” to be a mind saving if not a life saving tool. Learning to keep the focus on myself through awareness, acceptance, and action has enabled me to approach this very painful process as a healing and growth journey. It’s short, gentle, and easy to read and is perfect as a quick reference to help change those moments of negative thinking into positive empowerment. "

Jeanne N.
(Long Island)
Stepping Out of Chaos is a short, empowering book that introduces you to three essential practices that radically improve your ability to navigate the real and impactful challenges associated with divorce with greater ease and efficacy. Let us support you so you too can join the thousands of individuals who are experiencing profound personal growth and freedom navigating the minefield of divorce.


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"This is a great book. If I had this book seven years ago it would have sped up what was a long healing process and spurred me to get help sooner. It really makes you think, which is the point of the first step in the book: Awareness. My friend is going through a painful divorce right now and this book will be my gift to her."

Kim K.

What you get:

  • Tools to dial down and manage conflict between you and your spouse more effectively.
  • Strategies to distance yourself from negative and fearful thoughts and projections that are exhausting and robbing you of peace.
  • Guidelines for creating an effective divorce support team and and tips to influence the divorce process positively with greater mastery.
  • Tactics for how to think, feel, and act to reduce your legal fees and emerge with a best possible settlement.

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